Our values

ASTHOM is an accounting network with a global reach to support the expansion of Japanese businesses worldwide. We strive to be the engine for the growth of the Japanese economy.

A global accounting network with deep roots in Japan
Headquartered in Tokyo, ASTHOM is a global accounting network with 31 offices in 11 countries and more than 700 employees across the group. Our long track record serving Japan’s business community gives us unmatched expertise helping Japanese firms expand globally.
A Network of Trust
The ASTHOM network is not just a formal organization, but one built of deep relationships. All our professionals deliver superior service with a human touch. We make use of technology, but it’s our focus on people and relationships that allows us to provide service that truly meets the needs of clients. This is why computers and artificial intelligence can never replace what we do.
Our accounting and tax practices are led by certified public accountants and tax professionals with expert knowledge and wide experience. Our people are committed to continuous improvement and strive constantly to advance their knowledge of business management. Let us provide you with superior service that is practical and supports your business.